A stray dog in Dallas that had escaped from rescuers a bunch of times met them with incessant barking last week, and instead of running away like he always did he made them follow him and led them to an abandoned mum and her puppies in desperate need of help.

“Every time we got closer he would go away and bark at us saying, ‘keep coming, keep coming my way,’” rescuer John Miller said.

Animal rescuers John Miller and Marina Tarashevsce followed the stray dog into the park not knowing where it would lead them, but not long after they started hearing puppy sounds.

They finally found 10 recently born puppies and their mother in a very wooded and muddy area of the park. They were all inside a burned out tree, dirty and cold.

“Somehow we found them … right by the creek in the mud, just mom and babies and it’s pitch black and it’s so difficult to get there,” Tarashevsce said.

“He led us there. He took us to the puppies. That is exactly what he was trying to do. I’ve heard about stuff like this, but it was awesome to witness it,” Miller said.

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  • Travis J

    hope all 12 get loving homes soon