Australia has banned the importation of lion trophies in an effort to reduce canned hunting in Africa, announced the Environment Minister of Australia Greg Hunt.

The ban on lion parts and remains, which will take effect immediately, was presented at the Global March for Lions in Melbourne last Friday.

“Canned hunting is real. It exists. It shouldn’t exist,” Hunt said at the march.

“It is about raising the most majestic of creatures for a singular purpose and that is to kill them, to shoot them for pleasure and for profit.

“It is done in inhumane conditions. It is involving things such as raising and then drugging and in many cases, baiting.

“It is simply not acceptable in our day, in our time, on our watch.”

He added that the ban “is part of the global movement and I hope part of a significant movement to end canned hunting forever. It is a practice that never had a time, but it is a practice whose time has surely come to pass.”

According to Defenders of Wildlife, fewer than 21,000 remain in all of Africa today, down from 200,000 a century ago.



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  • Ruth

    This is why I ask in my survey, ‘do you htink everyone has the capacity to be vegan?’ because I cannot fathom or wrap my head around this need to murder for sport.
    Maybe if we re-named it murder rather than hunting, people would see it differently.