Humane Society of Louisiana


A cellphone picture shared by the Humane Society of Louisiana shows the moment a dog is being left behind at a gas station and the confused dog just starts chasing after the pick-up truck which starts speeding away.

The witness to this heartbreaking moment who took the photo, Lorie Hollis, said to the Humane Society that there were two men on the truck, one told the black German Shepherd – Lab mix to ‘Go over there’ and the other one closed the tail-gate and then they just drove off.

“Appearing confused, the dog jumped up and put his paws on top of the tail-gate. The truck sped away, leaving the dog behind,” said Hollis.

“The truck crossed over two lanes of traffic. And still the dog followed. The dog tried desperately to keep up with the truck as it sped away down the road. I got into my car and proceeded to follow as best I could.”

According to staff at the station store, this is not the first time this man leaves the dog behind there. “The store clerk says this happens on a routine basis,” said Jeff Dorson, Director of the Humane Society.

“Everybody is angry and upset,” said Dorson. “People don’t want animals to be treated like trash, left on the side of the road.”

Dorson learned from neighbours that the dog is named Butterbean and was abandoned in the neighbourhood as a puppy.

“Of course, we are still very concerned about Butterbean’s welfare and the safety of any motorists trying to avoid him on the highway. We and others including local animal control are actively looking for the dog, hoping that he survived this latest brush with death.

“We will also ensure that all applicable charges and citations are filed in this case. We will keep you updated,” Dorson added.

“Unfortunately, we routinely receive these type of reports, where a dogs are dumped from a car or truck and left to fend for themselves along highways or back country roads,” said Dorson. “As we know all too well, people can be cruel and heartless.

“If people feel they can no longer care for a pet, all they have to do is surrender him or her to a nearby rescue group or shelter, rather than abandon the poor animal at some random location, where their chances of survival are almost zero. This is truly a cowardly act and a punishable offense.”

The Humane Society has set a $250 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the owner or the safe return of the dog, who unfortunately hasn’t been found since.

“We would love to be a part of a happy ending for this poor dog. We believe that, working together, we can find this dog and provide him or her with a loving home and happy life,” Dorson said.

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