A puppy that was thrown 9 m into a canal is all recovered now and looking for a new home.

The pup was rescued by Hope for Paws after they received an emergency call from another rescue, LA in Cloud 9, letting them know of the situation.

A witness to the scene said to Cloud 9 that the poor dog had been very abused, had a foot cut off and was then thrown into the canal, where he spent two days in utmost pain.

When Hope for Paws found him he couldn’t even move because of the pain and he can be heard in the video just whining and asking for help. He had severe mange and was suffering from upucx
malnutrition and bacterial infections.

Jordan, named by Hope for Paws founder, was rushed to the vets for immediate treatment. The doctor said it was a miracle he was still alive.

After a week of treatment, blood transfusions, surgery on his leg and lots of tlc, Jordan was finally moved to a foster family.

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