New Jersey authorities raided a house this weekend and arrested 10 people for animal abuse.

Officers found 17 dogs in total inside the house in Elizabeth and in a van they stopped nearby. They also seized a treadmill to exercise the dogs, a dog fighting ring, a pellet gun, drugs and other dog fighting paraphernalia found in the property.

According to authorities, the ring was all stained with blood, most dogs presented injuries and were kept in small and filthy cages.

Shaquille Mars, 19, Leon King, 20, Rahman Johnson, 20, Tamir Norville, 21, Rashadik Johnson, 21, George Parker Jr., 22, Larry Polanco, 28, Shakemah Lytle-Johnson, 32, Algernon Norville, 36, Nathaniel Thompson, 64, were all charged with third-degree fighting or baiting animals and are facing up to 5 years in prison. Norville was also charged with possession of a pellet gun and marijuana.

The arrests resulted from an investigation between the Guns, Gangs, Drugs, and Violent Crimes Task Force, the FBI’s Newark division, the New Jersey SPCA, the New Jersey State Police and the Elizabeth Police Department.

All dogs are now being cared for by the SPCA where they will receive the medical attention they need and will be rehabilitated to be ready for adoption.

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