Image by Patrick Bouquet

Navarra has banned all amputations on animals “with purely cosmetic purposes or without utility,” including tail docking, ear cropping, debarking and declawing.

Navarra has now joined 6 other regions in Spain, Aragon, Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia and Murcia, who have already banned these type of procedures.

Veterinarians around the world agree that cosmetic amputations should be considered animal abuse. Dogs use their ears and tails to communicate with other animals and removing them may mean that other animals cannot read them and that can cause problems. Dogs communicate fear, aggression, joy and other basic feelings with their tails and ears and it’s abusive to deprive them of that right.

In addition, some dogs use their tails to swim better or for balance when running. Not to mention the cruelty of removing their vocal cords just so they “don’t disturb”.

Regarding cats, declawing is compared with cutting off our fingers by the first knuckle. According to PETA, cats without claws lose their famous balance and need to learn how to walk again. They use their claws to scratch, stretch and exercise. Some organizations also say that cats without claws end up having the opposite result as wanted, they become more aggressive because they feel insecure because now they’e not able to protect themselves if necessary.

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