The photo of a Peruvian soldier holding a wounded dog has gone viral on social networks causing outrage to thousands.

Jorge Elvis Valenzuela Huamán took the photo in October last year. He had stabbed the little dog with the knife pictured in the image inside an establishment of the Peruvian army and then decided to capture the moment which he seemed very proud of and upload the image to Facebook.

Killing dogs is a common practice in the Peruvian militia which is done regularly as part of an exercise to desensitize soldiers and turn them into killing machines.

Valenzuela Huamán, from Chanchamayo, did not take very well the hundreds of comments he received in the past couple of weeks on his Facebook page and began to respond violently to the comments and to defend himself by saying that this was his “test of courage”.


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  • donala

    GET EVOLVED PERU!!!!!! ABOMINABLE COWARDLY SUB-HUMAN SAVAGERY! There is nothing noble or courageous about torturing defenseless animals!