The island chain of Vanuatu, off the coast of northern Australia, experienced one of the worst natural disasters in its history this year when Cyclone Pam hit on March 13th.

The islands were described as ‘flattened’ after being torn apart by Category 5 winds. When Pam hit, Vanuatu’s president, Baldwin Lonsdale, told the world it was “time to act” on climate change.

With 24 people confirmed dead and 45% of Vanuatu’s citizens displaced, food is running out for the animals left behind.

The World Animal Protection Team arrived on March 18th and described the scene as “unimaginable.”

Pam, a six month old puppy, was found “on the edge of death” and was nursed back to health by the team on the ground. She is now responsive, ate her first meal in over a week and is back with her owner.

Keep up to date on the situation in Vanuatu at World Animal Protection’s blog and if you are able consider helping them in their efforts by making a donation.

WAP wrote on their website: “Thanks to you, we have been able to secure plans to provide food for up to 30,000 animals over the coming months – with a focus on pigs and poultry. It has become clear to our disaster team that they are the animals most at risk.

“Our aim is to secure animal food and medicine for the coming months to ensure that we save as many animals as possible. Alongside food deliveries, we will be providing support to the government veterinarians who will provide long-term treatment for animals impacted by the cyclone.”

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