Video footage of a young man biting the head off a hamster has surfaced. The inebriated college student appears to pull a hamster from his backpack in front of a cheering crowd. He bites and spits, then throws the hamster’s body over a fence. According to some sources the students force-fed the hamster vodka and filled its cage with marijuana before the videotaped stunt.

While the party-goers in the video are amused, animal rights group PETA is not. The organisation began a campaign to find the young man who has recently been identified as Brady Eaves of the University of Mississippi and Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

After Eaves was identified, his parents withdrew him from the university and published a very personal letter describing the measures they will take to discipline their son: ‘As parents we are obviously and very seriously concerned about the well-being of our son. We have withdrawn him from school, and fully intend on professionally assessing why he behaved in such a horrible way, and what we must do as a family to keep this type of behaviour from ever happening again.’

PETA’s Cruelty Casework Director Stephanie Bell explained that the organisation takes this kind behaviour seriously because ‘people who abuse animals rarely do so only once and almost never stop there.’

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