More than 600 pigs have died in a traffic accident in La Rioja, Spain, where the truck driver transporting some 800 animals overturned after colliding with a roof.

Many of the pigs died on impact, but hundreds more could be seen semi alive after the accident, injured and agonizing covered in rubble or crushed by the corpses of their friends for about five hours until a veterinarian came and killed them with a captive bolt pistol.

Activists arrived at the site as soon as they heard of the accident to try and rescue the survivors, but the Civil Guard and employees of the hauling company didn’t make their life easy. According to El País, some of the surviving pigs tried to quickly escape and entered a nearby farm where activists tried to capture them and take them to safety.

Others who went to the site weren’t looking to help the animals but instead get some free meat, which many got to do.

Some 16 pigs could be rescued in total after the other truck from the company, which came to transport all the pigs that were still considered fit to be sold, left.

Spanish animal rights organization Tras Los Muros, who took the pictures, said to Ethical Magazine: “Leaving aside the obvious differences which are merely circumstantial there’s something that should make us think. The magnitude of suffering exploited animals living on farms is such that an accident means a liberation, as it ends a programmed life of constant subjugation and abuse. Is there anything sadder?”

All images by Tras Los Muros



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