After an anonymous tip that a Chinese restaurant in Tijuana was serving dog meat, the Municipal Agency of Inspection and Verification carried out inspections in over 50 restaurants of the 300 registered establishments of the same kind and closed down 6 of them.

“We inspected almost 50-60 restaurants, 20 were closed already, but of those 30 that we could visit we closed down 5 more -now 6-, some for lack of documents and others for hygiene issues” the Director of the Municipal Agency of Inspection and Verification José Antonio Olivas said.

Inspectors found on their first inspection, the one the anonymous tip complaint about, the Yen The City restaurant, live dogs in cages, a beheaded dog in the kitchen with its hair removed and more alive dogs in the restaurant patio.

The owner of Yen City was released on a bail of 70,000 pesos, will face charges for animal abuse and cruelty and the establishment will be closed for 45 days.

The authorities are now seeking to fine the other restaurants.

Iván Márquez, director of animal protection organization Provida Animal, added they have been receiving complaints for a while of Asians stealing dogs in the area of ​​Tijuana.

The Consul of the Republic of China in Tijuana, Wang Jian, said many people of Asian origin continue to eat dogs but assured it is not normal that these are offered to customers in restaurants and that they are for consumption by employees only.

“We disagree and are unhappy with the situation that occurred last Tuesday in the Yen The City restaurant, where a dog ready to be cook was found,” Jian said in a news conference.

“We will not cover it or hide it, the culprits must take responsibility once the investigations are complete.”

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    Open up your eyes and ears people, barbarism is all around us. Have you ever had a pet pig when you were a child and then wonder what happened to it? If you think this is bad, go pay a visit to the local butcher shops/farms in your area. Solution: STOP EATING MEAT!!! Meat is murder!!