Passers-by in Monterrey recorded two officers from San Nicolás de los Garza strangling a dog with a rope until he lost consciousness.

Officers apparently lured the dog with some food, put a rope around the dog’s neck and then started pulling. The pitbull can be seen trying to escape without success and once unconscious officers just throw him into the back of a police truck.

Witnesses of the incident can be heard yelling at the cops to not kill him and that that’s no way to treat a dog.

The reasons why the officers wanted to take the dog are still unclear, with some reports saying it was because he was a stray and some saying it was because he had attacked another dog and it was considered dangerous.

It’s also still uncertain if the dog was killed or not. Some neighbours say that the dog died from suffocation while others say the dog is alive and the owner was able reclaim it.

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  • Jossie Moran

    These Police Officers don’t have a soul. Anyone who hurt an animal, should be charged and prosecuted especially if that animal have done nothing to deserve the treatment of an officer of the law!!