The Tshawne SPCA in Pretoria, South Africa responded to residents’ complaints about the conditions of animals on a neighbouring property. Upon entering the property, which belonged to a breeder registered with the Kennel Union of South Africa, the inspectors discovered more than 30 dogs living in poor conditions. The dogs, most of which were Yorkshire terriers, suffered from rotten teeth and untreated tumours among other medical conditions, and most were confined to tiny breeding cages.

“In our opinion, the breeder in concern operates a backyard facility that is not compliant in terms of animal protection legislation,” Tshawne SPCA spokesperson Korky Levanon said to Rekord Centurion. The dogs were quickly confiscated from the breeder and put in Tshawne SPCA’s care, but 21 of them had to be euthanized as a result of their poor health.

Charges of animal cruelty under the Animals Protection Act will be filed against the backyard breeder.

Levanon added that the SPCA does not encourage people to support breeders: “We urge the public to adopt animals from reputable animal organisations like the SPCA instead of buying animals from breeders.”

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