Five years ago, Biso the kitten found his way into the wall of a Cairo metro station – and discovered he could not escape. The homeless cat has spent the last five years behind this wall, kept alive by an elderly man named Uncle Abdo who comes daily to provide him food and water.

Uncle Abdo, who owns a small shop near the station, visited Biso without fail even during the 2011 Arab Spring revolution. He has tried to rescue the cat in the past but his efforts only frightened Biso into running away. To add to the predicament, any attempts to break the wall would be considered damage to public property.

The situation seemed hopeless until several animal rights activists came across a picture of Biso’s tail on Facebook and launched a campaign to rescue him. The activists demanded that the maintenance crews at the subway station break the wall in an effort to rescue Biso, and this time it worked: five hours after the workers began their attempt, the cat was freed.

Unfortunately, Biso ran away before he could be caught and as of now Uncle Abdo is still searching for his friend.

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