A two-year-old cow in Woodstock, NY recently got a new lease on life – and a brand new pair of legs!

When Fawn was a calf she apparently fractured her front left knee by falling into a concrete manure pit. The injury was treated, but the break became infected. Fawn began to crawl instead of walking, no doubt to ease the pain of her injury, but as a result her bones became distorted as she grew. As she got older, her range of motion deteriorated even further, until her previous owner wondered if she might have to be euthanized.

Thankfully for Fawn, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary heard about her situation and raised the funds for two prosthetic boots and a surgery to straighten Fawn’s legs. The surgery took place last year and Fawn has been in rehabilitation since, getting accustomed to her new feet.

Watch her amazing evolution

and Fawn testing out her hooves in the snow

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