Rebecca Francis


Rebecca Francis brags that she has been trophy hunting since was nine years old and has incited controversy after recently killing a giraffe with a bow-and-arrow. Ricky Gervais publicly responded to Francis’ Facebook picture by asking, “What must’ve happened to you in your life to make you want to kill a beautiful animal and then lie next to it smiling?”

Francis has repeatedly defended her actions in public statements she has made to She first claimed the giraffe was close to death and that she was asked to kill him so that he could be ‘utilized by the local people’ and described the act as a way ‘to honor his life’.

Gervais responded by posting a picture of himself smiling as he lay next to a bowl of food, saying, “This Tofu & Rice was old and sad and wanted me to kill it. Now I will eat it.” He also posted photos of Francis posing with two of her other ‘trophies’: a bloody lion whose mouth she is holding open in a smile and a large brown bear. After a few other posts, Gervais stated, “You don’t use a bow & arrow and then take a smiling selfie in a mercy killing. She wanted to murder a giraffe and she did. Fuck the bullshit.”

Francis has also admitted to killing a white rhino when she was 13, which, as we reported on this week, there are only five of left in the world.

However, Francis remains adamant that she did nothing wrong. She continues to defend herself and other hunters by saying, ‘I believe that hunters promote wildlife more than any other source.’ She goes on to state that ‘hunting has been crucial to the balance of nature since the beginning of time, and it is even more crucial today.’

She also accuses Gervais of targeting her for being a woman, to which he responded, “We need to stamp out this terrible sexism in the noble sport of trophy hunting. The men and women that do it are EQUALLY vile and worthless.”

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