A group of 8 lab rabbits destined for the slaughterhouse was rescued by the Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary in Galicia last year.

The rabbits went from a breeding farm to being used for veterinary practice, and up until their rescue they had never known the meaning of freedom, of life outside their cage.

“Gentle, sweet and affectionate, rabbits, like all animals, only want to live a life free from pain and suffering. To eat the fresh grass, feel the earth beneath their feet, and the sun on their soft little white backs,” the sanctuary wrote on their website.

“The rabbits are now safe and sound with us here at the sanctuary, but they will need time to fully recover from the terrifying experiences they have been subjected to.”

Rabbits are one of the most commonly used animals in research and testing, second only to guinea pigs. Over 350,000 rabbits live and die in labs in Europe each year and around 250,000 in the United States.

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