World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection

Last week, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal, killing at least 7,000 people and injuring over 13,000 more. The United Nations has requested $415 million (£270m) in aide for the next three months, but just 1.4% has come in.

Animals throughout the nation are injured and starving and in desperate need of health. Several organisations are trying to help provide medical care and gather supplies. Here are some of them:

KAT Centre

The Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre has been working to spay and neuter dogs and cats in Kathmandu, Nepal in order to try and manage the very large populations. According to them, there are more than 22,500 street dogs, many of whom have severe skin problems or rabies. They are currently sending out mobile medical teams and parts of their building walls have collapsed. They are trying to cover the walls, while they remain without access to power and water. They have set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for the animals they are helping.

World Animal Protection

The World Animal Protection’s Disaster Relief Fund is an international NGO that is raising funds for Nepal in order to provide treatment and care, reach suffering animals and provide further disaster preparedness. You can donate online, by mail or phone (1-800-883-9772, option 2).

Humane Society International

The Humane Society International’s Disaster Relief Fund supports animals affected by natural disasters. They raise money to rescue and provide temporary animal shelter, rent and equip shelter and rescue vehicles, help reunite animals with their families and more. You can donate online or mail a check for Humane Society International to: Humane Society Internationa; 2100 L Street, NW; Washington, DC 20037 USA.

Animal Nepal

Animal Nepal is an NGO located in Kathmandu that has launched an Emergency Appeal to help them support animals in need in Nepal. Instructions for wire transfers can be found through their website, which will help them:

  • Staff support: five of their staff members have lost their homes.
  • Emergency outreach: constructing emergency camp facilities and bringing in overseas vets.
  • Reconstruction: repairing the isolation unit at their donkey sanctuary and dog shelter that were destroyed by the Earthquake.
  • Community member support: help the countless community members who are in desperate need of temporary shelter or care for their pets.

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