Earlier this year, a Four Corners report found that greyhounds used for racing were chasing piglets, rabbits and possums and killing them as part of their ‘training’.

Investigations around Australia have first resulted in charges against 7 of the 15 people allegedly involved in live baiting at Tooradin. The trainers charged included Christopher Connolly, Brett Mackie, Darren McDonald, Dennis Dean, Anthony Mills, Jon Roberts and Eric Sykes.

ABC News (Australia) reported on the initial findings in February, 2015:


Now, another 14 trainers have been banned for life from placing a bet or training or owning any registered racing animal. The trainers were named as Michael Campbell, Donald Peter May, Patricia Comley, Gregory Paull, Russell Druery, John Pollock, Julie Edmondson, Samantha Roberts, Raymond Gatti, Peter Roy, Tracy Kunde, John Thompson, Raymond Knudsen and Craig Wright.

Murphy, a greyhound in need of a home

Murphy, a greyhound in need of a home

Approximately 8,000 greyhounds retire from racing each year in the UK alone. Charities all over the world are trying to help these animals find loving homes, including Murphy, one of the many greyhounds currently available for adoption at the Greyhound Lifeline.

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