2015-05-12 (1)

Making a Spanish omelette has never been easier with the not so new Vegamigo omelette mix, which you can buy online from VeganCross.com or Veganic.de.

– 500gr white potatoes
– 1 onion
– Omelette mix
– Salt and spices

1. Chop the potatoes and fry them until soft.
2. Chop the onion and fry them with the potatoes for a few minutes.
3. Mix 40gr of omelette mix with 50ml of water.
4. Strain the potatoes and onion and put them in a bowl. Add the omelette mix, salt and spices (I like oregano, parsley and basil). You can also add pieces of vegan ham or a veggie (I like spinach).
5. Put everything on a slightly-oiled pan and cook until golden brown, then invert omelette and repeat.

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