A tiger relaxing

This June, more than 30 animals will be flown to The WIld Animal Sanctuary in Colorado in a record-breaking operation. The once-wild animals were rescued by Animal Defenders International, who have been tirelessly working to enforce Peru’s ban on the use of wild animals in circuses.

“For many months in late 2014 and early 2015, The Wild Animal Sanctuary has been building an enormous array of large acreage natural habitats for more than 33 African Lions to live in once they are rescued from Circuses in Peru and airlifted to Colorado,” states the sanctuary on their website.

Pat Craig, The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s Executive Director, who is overseeing the Sanctuary’s part in the rescue operation: “In a temporary compound in Peru, the Lions have more space than they ever had with the circus, and they have toys and natural bedding. But the facilities are still small and basic, so we everyone has to be focused on keeping them safe and secure, whilst building up their strength and health to be ready for the move to the U.S.”

“Their new lives will really begin when they arrive here in Colorado. These Lions have endured incredible pain and hardship, but their new home with us will be a natural oasis where they can live freely in family prides the way nature intended.”

A total of 88 animals, including tigers, bears and lions, have been rescued so far by ADI.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is already home to over 350 rescued lions, bears, tigers, wolves, bobcats and other large carnivores.

One of the animals, Hoover, was the only surviving tiger out of 6 owned by Circo Africano. He is still very thin and will be monitored closely by veterinarians on his new home.

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