A dog named Capitán has been guarding his owner’s grave since he died in 2007 in Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina. According to cemetery staff, Capitán has been sleeping, eating and generally living there for the past 8 years.

One of the workers says the dog is looking older but is doing fine. He explained that Capitán gets food daily and is regularly visited by a vet.

When Capitán’s owner Miguel died in 2006, Capitán ran away from home. He returned a few days later but didn’t want to go inside anymore, so he lived on the street for a few days. He then ran away again, this time he didn’t return. It was not until the family went to visit Miguel to the cemetery that they found the dog living there.


When he first arrived at the cemetery, staff named him el Rengo (“limpy”) because he arrived with one leg broken. After they saw he was there to stay, they put together the money to pay for his surgery.

The family said Capitán sometimes returns home for a visit but he always goes back to the cemetery at night to sleep.

Miguel’s son Damián said: “I tried to bring him home several times, but he always comes back to the cemetery. If he wants to be there I think it’s fine, he’s taking care of my dad.”

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