A video showing a dog being forced to participate in a rodeo celebration has sparked outrage among animal lovers.

In the video shared in social media, a dog can be seen being tied to the back of a bull by his legs and then forced to ‘ride’ the bull. The dog can be seen terrified while the bull tries to shake him in the arena for the amusement of the crowd.

The footage was taken during the annual Our Lady of the Assumption festivities in the Pichirhua district, Peru.

According to neighbours, this happens every year and usually the dog chosen is the stray that ’caused the most trouble’ in the community during the year. They also explained that before dogs, a condor was usually tied to the bull.

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  • ruth

    This is heartbreaking.

  • Robin Banks

    Our lady of the assumption festival, scum mistreating animals in the name of a fairy tail religion.

  • Elaine Kelly

    Pieces of SHIT… I pray these brain dead sick bastards are shut down,HOW Dare them do this.. that dog has More love and more heart then all of them put together. SHAME ON YOU

  • luckjoe

    The dog chosen is the stray that ’caused the most trouble’. Disgusting, stray could be abandoned and starving…