Two men in Cartagena, Colombia were filmed by an amused woman while burning a cat alive apparently just for fun. The woman later uploaded the video and a few pictures to Facebook. Some of the pictures were captioned “the candle cat” and “from cat to panther”.

Animal welfare organizations are asking for prison sentences for everyone involved. “We are calling on authorities to take the necessary steps to imprison animal abusers and killers. In a country looking for peace, the lives of animals should also be respected,” said activist Juliana Ponce.

“Anyone who tortures an animal is in need of psychological help,” said Jaime Serrano, spay and neuter campaigns director in the area. “A person who does that is not OK and just like he attacks an innocent creature he can attack another human being.”

Activists have started sharing in social media a picture of the two men they believe are responsible for burning the cat. Authorities are still trying to determine if they are the same men from the video. No one has been charged yet and investigations are still ongoing.

The tweet reads: “Remember the cat that was burned alive in Cartagena? These are the men! Violence is only one”


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