The use of elephants for entertainment purposes has been a growing controversial subject over the last couple of years with more and more people turning to the good side every day.

Thanks to laws changing to protect elephants in over 100 US cities and the increasing demand for animal welfare, just a couple of months ago iconic animal circus Ringling Brothers announced they will retire all their 18 elephants within three years. But Nosey still needs our help.

Nosey was caught in Zimbabwe and brought to the United States in 1984 when she was just 2 years old as part of a ‘rescue mission’ from a supposed government cull. Over 60 baby elephants were captured and Nosey was one of almost 40 baby elephant sold to zoos and circuses.

After being transferred to the Hollywood Animal Park for a couple of years, she was bought by the Liebel Family Circus in 1988 and has been forced to work for them doing tricks and giving rides and live in solitude since then.

The Liebel Family circus has been cited by the USDA over 200 times for animal-welfare violations, including chaining Nosey so tight that she could barely move and couldn’t lie down, denying her medical assistance and failing to provide adequate shelter.

PETA has been trying to free Nosey for over 10 years after a whistleblower said Nosey was being abused with bullhooks and electric prods back in 2004. After many undercover investigations showing Nosey in severe pain due to advanced arthritis and degenerative joint disease, the USDA is still refusing to help.

“Week after week after week, PETA has documented Hugo and Franciszka Liebel forcing Nosey the elephant to give rides and perform grueling tricks even though she is hobbled by pain and soreness. According to our veterinary consultant, who knows elephants inside and out, Nosey is showing signs of crippling arthritis, yet the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has refused to take her off the road,” PETA stated.

A USDA inspection last year gave the all clear despite months of footage by different organizations showing Nosey’s condition is in fact worsening and she is suffering from chronic pain.

PETA explained: “The USDA claims that a November 2014 vet visit cleared Nosey for all work, but that visit was fundamentally flawed. The veterinarians were given no credible information about Nosey’s history of lameness, and the USDA has actually admitted that it deliberately concealed the video footage of Nosey from them.”

You can help Nosey by signing these petitions here, here and here. You can also join the Save Nosey Now demo on 26th June in the USDA offices in Washington DC.

Arrangements have already been made for Nosey’s retirement. She will be transported to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee to live the rest of her days in peace, without chains and with other elephants to make her company after almost 30 years of abuse and loneliness. PETA has committed to cover all of Nosey’s bills.

For more information on Nosey please visit and to keep up to date with the latest news on the situation please visit Nosey the elephant needs our help Facebook page.

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  • Sharon Wardle

    Thank You for this great post about Nosey xx

  • Claudia Lima

    Thank so much for spreading the word about Nosey’s plight!

  • jen

    Nosey has been forced to work for too many years and she deserves her own life now. Thank you for raising awareness and posting the truth about Nosey, her pain, loneliness, suffering and the cruel life she is forced to endure. Please help Nosey gain her freedom so she can be sent to a non-profit wild animal (elephant) sanctuary where she can get the proper medical treatment she needs so badly and where she can join other elephants and finally form a family of her own to love and give meaning to her life. Nosey deserves to live her own life, not the life of an enslaved means of financial gain and entertainment.

  • Laurie Danque

    Thank you for caring & spreading the word. We must be her voice.

  • Jennifer Anne Aiello

    Why can’t Nosey be helped and taken away from these people. She needs retirement urgently

    • w00dbeck

      Complacent USDA animal division who are too lazy to actually do their job and the abusive owner / handler who presents paperwork for an entirely different elephant at venues that no better but then they can claim that they had no idea even after being informed. An elephant sanctuary in Tennessee is ready willing and able to take her in we just can’t get her. It’s really a very sad situation and the article goes into a much more detailed story about her plight.

  • KarenGeer

    Thank you for this article about this poor elephant.

  • w00dbeck

    Thank you so very much for this in-depth accurate article on Nosey! Her abusive owner / handler get’s around a lot of regulations by calling her in presenting papers under a different name such as “Tiny” because he is just that despicable.

  • Barbara Lovett

    Well done, and thank you for writing about Nosey. Here’s the link to the DC Event Save Nosey NOW! We Are Her Voice! Join us as we take our fight for Nosey directly to the steps of the USDA!

  • Diane Caldwell

    Thank yo for telling Noseys story. She needs all of the voices we can gather. She deserves good veterinary care, no chains, freedom from being kept in trucks, forced to give rides and used as income by her owner. Nosey needs sanctuary NOW. Thank you again.

  • Barbara Lovett

    So pleased to see another great article about Nosey! Join us at Save Nosey NOW! We Are Her Voice on Facebook and hear about our plans to go to the doorstep of the USDA in DC for Nosey!

  • cynthia white

    Thank you so much for article. I pray she is rescued soon as she is so old…

  • Bruce Calder

    Thanks for posting about Nosey !! Hugo Leibel needs to be chained up and Nosey needs to get to a safe place forever.

  • Sjanna

    Thank you for this important article clearly explaining the horrible living conditions that poor Nosey is forced to endure. If only more people knew how much the poor circus elephants are suffering, they would not patronize the circus, and then these tortured animals could find relief in sanctuaries. Thank you for spreading the word about Nosey’s condition. USDA, please do your job and order Nosey’s release to The Elephant Sanctuary! She has suffered enough!

  • Linda Allan

    Thank you for bringing attention to Nosey’s sad plight. In the near future, hopefully, the USDA will finally do their job and rescue this poor elephant. Their inaction is inexcusable.

  • Pamela Sturt

    thank you so much for writing about dear Nosey and sharing the website devoted to helping her – and for telling about the June 26th demonstration for her at the USDA building in Washington DC!