Folks at PETA have announced that Benetton has officially removed angora in all their 6,000 stores.

“Benetton Group confirms the decision to stop using angora wool in all its collections sold around the world”, the company said in a statement.

The news came less than a day after PETA launched a campaign asking Benetton to stop using the cruel material.

“Thank you to everyone who took action yesterday – whether by joining our protest in London, calling the store, posting on social media or sending an e-mail to Benetton management. All that hard work paid off!,” PETA said on their website.

Undercover investigations by PETA revealed the cruelty angora rabbits live on a daily basis in farms in China, where 90 percent of angora wool comes from. Undercover videos show the rabbits are forced to live in rusty, filthy, tiny cages that hurt their sensitive feet 24 hours a day and every three months they get their fur plucked out by workers while screaming in pain.

One farmer said that most rabbits die within 2 years, and those that don’t are sent to slaughter when they are between 2 and 5 years old.

Thanks to extended campaigns and efforts to raise awareness and stop the torture of angora rabbits from 2013 to 2014, angora exports decreased by 74 per cent, PETA reported.

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