Caitlyn, the 15-month-old dog found in South Carolina with her muzzle taped shut, is recovering wonderfully from her surgery last week.

Vets at the Veterinary Speciality Care in Mount Pleasant managed to reconstruct her lip and cheek and said she only lost minimal function on her tongue.

The Staffordshire mix pup spent two or three days with her muzzle like that before being found. The electrical tape was wrapped so brutally tight that her tongue lost all blood flow and vets were afraid they would have to partially amputate.

“It really strikes you as so willfully cruel,” vet Henri Bianucci said. “Seeing the dog with the tape on her muzzle and the look on her face, it hit you that this guy really betrayed this dog’s trust. The dog couldn’t pick anything up, it can’t bark, it can’t defend itself or pant to cool itself off. What he did shut the dog off from the world.”


Caitlyn after surgery. Charleston Animal Society Facebook


Caitlyn’s owners had sold her to an unknown man for $20. Two days later she was found near her former home with her muzzle shut.

William Leonard Dodson, 41, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. He was banned from owning animals and was forced to surrender his other dog.

Caitlyn is now starting to eat small amounts of food after being on a liquid diet for two weeks and is expected to make a full recovery on her foster family’s home.



Livestream of Cailtyn recovering.

#IAmCaitlyn Campaign by the Charleston Animal Society in the hopes Caitlyn’s story will encourage people to adopt. “Right now we have 200 other Caitlyn’s we need to find homes for,” said CEO of CAS Joe Elmore.

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