Animal rights activists have released some 1,600 mink from the Glenwood Fur Farm in Ontario, local media reported.

Activists opened the gate, cut the surrounding fence and managed to open the cages from the sheds in the property. They also removed all breeding information cards.

According to the owner of the farm, Jeff Richardson, the animals freed were nursing females. “At this time of year I don’t think there’s a mink rancher that would think that anybody would release a mother from nursing young. They obviously did this to try to kill 5,000 30-day-old mink,” he said.

About 95% percent of the animals were recaptured, but as many as 100 died from the freezing temperatures or from getting hit by cars, other became ill after being caged again and died overnight. Many babies also died from being separated from their mothers.

“Each of these female mink was caring for four or five very young babies. The mink kits are now barely a month old and still completely dependent on their mothers for food and warmth.”

“Everything that they’ve done are all tell-tale signs of what has occurred (elsewhere) in the past. It clearly isn’t an act of random vandalism or else they wouldn’t have put the effort or risk into doing it. It was clearly calculated to close the farm,” Richardson added.

The Canada Mink Breeders Association is offering $75,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved in the break in which caused the farm an estimated $200,000.

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