A duck in Shrewsbury, England, was left in agony after he got his beak stuck in a can.

The mallard was luckily spotted by locals who contacted the RSPCA and the bird was rushed to a wildlife rescue centre for emergency treatment.

“This poor mallard must be in so much pain,” said RSPCA animal welfare officer Elaine Williams.

“When we found him the top half of a drinks can was caught around his lower beak with the sharp edges cutting in to his tongue and beak. He must’ve been in absolute agony.

“There was a lot of blood and the wounds were deep. It was shocking to see. Thankfully we were contacted by members of the public about him otherwise he may have starved to death.

“We do not know how long he had been like that. While he was a little underweight he was still a good size so we hope we have caught him in time.

“He is now receiving care at Cuan House Wildlife Rescue and we hope he makes a full recovery.“

“Litter inflicts such needless suffering to animals and this case shows just how destructive it can be and how much pain it can cause.”

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