Pre-workout snacks or smoothies are essential to start your exercise properly fuelled and fully energised in order to have a successful workout session. You should fill your pre-workout smoothie with plenty of protein, fibre, carbs and healthy fats. Here I’ll give you some ideas.

You should have your pre-workout smoothie 30-60 minutes in advanced.

Blend together:
1. Protein isolate
2. Milk, yoghurt, water
2. Fruit
4. Veggies
5. Oats, Cereals
6. Nuts (almonds, walnuts)
7. Others (syrup, coconut oil)

Now, you can combine these as you like. My regular smoothie consists of:
– 1 tsp Pulsin soya isolate (Ocado, Holland&Barrett)
– 1/2 cup Alpro unsweetened soy milk
– 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 pear (sometimes I use kiwis or cantaloupe if I have some. Berries are excellent too but a bit expensive.)

Some people like to use less fruits and add oats or whole grain cereals instead, with a bit of vegan syrup or chocolate to sweeten it. Others like to use greens such as kale or spinach (I don’t!) And if you like coconut oil, it’s an excellent source of fatty acids which helps in weight loss.

I usually save half of the smoothie for after my workout session. You can also eat a protein bar, some other fruit you haven’t used or go big and have a sandwich or an omelette to help your body recover faster.

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