Mallorca Sin Sangre

A pesar de que más del 70% de la ciudadanía está en contra de esta atrocidad o no tiene ningún interés en ella, el Gobierno de España sigue invirtiendo cada año más de 500 millones de euros en fomentar la tauromaquia. La campaña Mallorca Sin Sangre persigue poner fin a las corridas de toros en Mallorca.

Chick‑fil‑A Torturs Chikins

Every Chick‑fil‑A sandwich is filled with horrific animal abuse. A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at multiple Chick‑fil‑A suppliers reveals baby birds being violently slammed into transport crates and having their legs and wings broken before being electrocuted and then scalded alive.

Sin Piel

Los animales tienen derecho a disponer de sus vidas y sus cuerpos. Y los humanos no tenemos derecho a arrebatárselos. Nos oponemos al uso de pieles animales y trabajaremos para impulsar alternativas éticas.

Slice of Cruelty

A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals shocking animal abuse at a milk producer for Leprino Foods – the world’s largest mozzarella cheese maker.

Sea Lies

Aquatic animals (with the exception of cetaceans) held captive in zoos and aquariums are largely overlooked in wider campaigns on the zoo industry. We hope to trigger an interest and concern for these oft-forgotten animals who are as deserving of our concern as any other sentient individual.

Our Best Friends

Dogs and cats are our best friends – they don’t belong in laboratories. Yet each year hundreds of cats and thousands of dogs are harmed in cruel experiments in the UK.

Expose Animal Abusers

Shelters and rescue organizations need to know the history of potential adopters to make sure animals are placed into good homes.

Sea World Of Hurt

In marine parks and aquariums, dolphins and other sea animals routinely die prematurely from stress and other captivity-related causes, and SeaWorld has an abysmal record.

Blood Ivory

To date, poaching and trafficking in ivory is at the highest level in 25 years. Between 2009 and June 2014, criminal networks trafficked as much as 170 tons of ivory.

Egg McMisery

In addition to the severe mental and social deprivation, forcing a naturally active bird to spend her life in a cramped and nearly stationary position causes numerous health problems. Nearly 30 percent of hens have broken bones at the time they are slaughtered.

The Truth About Chickens

The chickens who end up on most dinner plates today grow so huge, so fast, that they can barely stand up. Many collapse under their own weight and spend much of their lives lying in their own waste, with open sores and wounds.

No Con Mis Impuestos

Nos proponemos saber cuánto dinero de nuestros impuestos dedican las administraciones al fomento de la tauromaquia. Queremos una administración pública transparente.

Tyke 2014

Wildtiere im zirkus – das bedeutet tierleid auf tournee. Kein tiger springt freiwillif durch einen brennenden reifen un kein elefant macht freiwillig einen kopfstand. Ein blick hinter die kulissen zeigt die brutale realität.

Stop It!

The Stop It! campaign is committed to ending the suffering of dogs slaughtered for food.

Stop Vivisection

It’s estimated that every year approximately 500 million animals around the world are sacrificed in experimental laboratories. Animals are devocalized, poisoned, burned, blinded, starved, mutilated, made crazy, frozen, brain damaged, subjected to electric shocks, infected with viruses that do not normally affect animals.

Elephant Family

At Elephant Family we are fearless campaigners on issues that threaten the endangered Asian elephant. Thanks to our supporters we have had key campaign successes over the last few years, but there is still much more to be done.

Badalona Sense Correbous

Esta fiesta consiste en dejar sueltos a los toros dentro de un recinto cerrado para que el publico salte y los utilice de entretenimiento.

Hong Kong Shark Foundation

As many as 73 million sharks are harvested each year for their fins, and more than half of these fins are traded in or through Hong Kong.

Ban Live Export

Most animals who are exported live for slaughter have their throats cut while fully conscious. Millions have died at sea.

Salva Un Agnello

Animal Equality ha continuato senza sosta il lavoro investigativo per mostrare la realtà che si cela dietro la produzione di carne d’agnello e capretto, rivelando una realtà che neanche lontanamente riusciresti ad immaginare.

Make It Possible

Factory farming is the number one cause of animal cruelty in the world today. It involves treating animals as if they were machines designed only to produce, and values production and profit over all other aspects of farming.

Stopfleber Stoppen

Die Produktion von Stopfleber ist in Deutschland sowie 13 weiteren europäischen Ländern aus Tierschutzgründen verboten. Der Import und Verkauf von Stopfleber in Deutschland immer noch legal ist.

Stop Dog and Cat Consumption in South Korea

An estimated 2.5 million dogs and thousands of cats are slaughtered and eaten as “health food” each year. The demand is so high in South Korea that 20% of the dogs eaten there are now imported from China.